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Wicked Channel

Wicked Channel

Review-If “ Dead Alive” had a horny little brother, this is pretty much what you would expect. “ Night of Something Strange”, tells the story of a odd janitor named Cornelius. Cornelius during a late night shift decides to have sex with a dead corpse. Why? This film does not answer that question, but it does make one feel, well why the hell not. The corpse it seems has a STD. Not your normal one either. This one transforms the host into a horny zombie. Cornelius is out to make sure, that this disease spreads to any woman who is in his zip code. While this is going on with Cornelius, a group of college students are out to celebrate Spring Break. When one of the girls contracts this disease from a bloody toilet seat, you know that this vacation may not be the most fun. “Night of Something Strange” is a party film. If you go into a film like this expecting “ Jaws” or “ The Exorcist”, you are clearly not the crowd, this film is aimed for. This film has a very dark and juvenile sense of humor. If the first joke, does not disgust or offends you, wait till the next one. That is the beauty and charm of this film. This film in no way takes itself seriously, thus makes the ride so much more enjoyable. The acting in this film is exactly what it needs to be. It is campy and absurd, but it also sets the mood and tone for the scenes perfectly. The practical effects in this film are awe-inspiring. They do make you wonder, “ what kind of mind, thinks up this stuff”.

This film has some scenes that are just plain absurd. This absurdity would be awesome with a group of friends in a theater. I love a director who is daring to jump in the deep end and attack the taboos this society take so seriously. There is a scene that is worth the price of admission. It involves a young male who thinks he is about to engage in anal sex with his passed out girlfriend. That one scene, I would love to see how it would play out in front of an audience of horror fans. : Bunny, The Killer Thing” and “ Night of Something Strange” have brought the “ Porky’s” mentality to horror, and it so welcomed. This film is vulgar, disgusting, offensive, harsh, cruel and from start to finish absurdly dark humor. I feel this is the film that critics will feel they need to dislike, for the simple reason they forgot how to have fun with film. Film is not meant to be taken serious. It is meant to escape, to sit back and just enjoy. In the era of “ everyone’s a critic”, people are so hard on films and they lose the true meaning of why film exists. “ Night of Something Strange” is not fucking “ Blair Witch” or “ Paranormal Found Bullshit 33”. This is a film that is meant to not push the boundaries or raise the bar, but to totally make people react and hopefully make film fans say “ fuck Hollywood”, we want this type of film. I know this film is currently on the festival circuit. The shock is that it is not winning every festival it is at. This film offers something different, in a time when festival films are trying so hard to be accepted by major studios in this disillusion. I love the fact that this film basically says, “ Fuck you, this is how I want to be presented and accepted. If you do it, thank you. If not, I am not changing for you”. In 2016, this film should be a huge deal and people should rush to see it for themselves. I will close with this again, ” how this film is not winning every festival in the horror and science fiction spectrum, is a fucking crime and probably centers on bullshit politics or friendships”.

10 out of 10

There are not too many films I want to watch one time these days. This film, I have sat thru three times. This film is genius, creative, funny and goes so far to try and get me to flinch and be offended, while not losing it’s own identity in the process. ” Bunny, The Killer Thing” and “Night of Something Strange”, horror will never be the same again. 2016 is the year when sanity goes out the window and in its place is this world where there are no rules in film anymore. When we get to see, how creative people truly are. Do not miss this film. Just do not eat before watching this film, or during, or after.

Movie Review-Night of Something Strange

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