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Horror Talk

Night of Something Strange

Category: Movie Reviews

Published: Friday, 26 August 2016

Written by Becky Roberts

Night of Something Strange Movie Review

Written by Becky Roberts

Released by Duke Studios

Directed by Jonathan Straiton

Written by Jonathan Straiton and Ron Bonk

2016, 94 minutes, Not yet rated.

Horror Channel Frightfest European premiere on 26th August 2016


Trey Harrison as Dirk

Rebecca C. Kasek as Christine

Wayne W. Johnson as Cornelius

Michael Merchant as Freddy

Toni Ann Gambale as Carrie

Nicola Fiore as Pam


For most people, a night may be regarded as strange off the back of a missing tenner or seeing a cat look both ways before it crosses the road, but for the characters in Jonathan Straiton’s comedy horror it’s a lot more serious. And, well, perhaps more gross than strange. It’s not often a film ticks the necrophilia box within its opening minute, but Straiton starts as he means to go on in this bloody, no-rules-apply escapade: by throwing everything at it.

When an undertaker (Wayne W. Johnson) has his way with a woman who died from a fatal STD, he contracts the zombie/living dead-like disease and through sex (more often than not, rape) it spreads like wildfire. (Apparently, second base infection was so last year.)

It cuts a group of college kids’ Spring Break short when one of the girls catches it during a bathroom break, and from then on, with the undertaker hot on their heels, it becomes a fight for survival at the roadside motel.

Generally, toilet humour is order of the day throughout; things go where they really, really shouldn’t, bodily fluid (blood and, more so, ‘the rest’) comes by the bucket load, and the bloody condom and tampon count comfortably enters double figures. There are more open legs than in a Team GB gymnastic training session. Yes, there are a few moments when you feel you should reach for eye cleanser, but what else would you expect from a film with the tagline ‘Don’t forget your rubbers… and bazooka’, though?

Crass, aside, the script is well worked; laugh-out-loud dialogue is maintained throughout, and the comical situations the teens find themselves in are constantly one-upped, just when you don’t think they could be.

Although largely meandering down the typical teenage/monster path, it chugs along at a satisfying pace, kept together by a cast headed by a sporting Michael Merchant and Rebecca C. Kasek.

While never instilling any real sense of terror, the make-up (especially that on Johnson) and SFX make this is a gorefest to hold in high regard, and the deaths are adventurous – I’ll just leave you with vaginal suffocation and Converse shoe penetration (sorry).

Needless to say, Night of Something Strange is over the top and one for the strong-stomached, but deserves credit for never erring on the right side of caution. It should probably even come with a warning: not for TV dinners. But hey, it’s fun. And sure, very, very strange.

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