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Night of Something Strange is a horror movie with balls! Balls so highly infected they glow in the dark. This is a horror film so wonderfully over the top that whatever nasty thing you can think of is probably in the first ten minutes of this epic of beautiful bad taste. If you go to the IMDB page for Night of Something Strange it has the following Plot Keywords: std, blood, tampon, gore, zombie. As descriptive as these words are of what you can expect, they missed one really important word: laugh-your-ass-off-funny.

Let’s get the plot out of the way first. Teenagers. Beach week. Creepy motel. Zombie STD virus. Twists. Turns. Got it? Good.

What the director Jonathan Straiton and his fellow writers, Ron Bonk and Mean Gene (no,really) understood from the outset is that people love funny gory movies. So that’s what they made. So far, sixteen years in, Night of Something Strange is the funniest gorefest of the 21st century.

This is not just a movie you need to see, it is a movie you need to see multiple times because there is too much insanity going on to be appreciated in one sitting. I can see Night of Something Strange becoming the go-to “Saturday night with mates” horror movie of choice.

This is an independent movie but it looks as slick and professional as anything the big studios putout. If I had to compare it to something think ofDoghouse, Deathgasm, or even the mighty Braindead (Dead Alive) but even more over-the-top. That’s right, more over the top than Braindead. I said it. There are scenes in Night of Something Strange that are so brilliantly awful I felt unclean just watching them. Kudos to Nicola Fiore and Colby Flinchum for some insane special effects.

Beyond the gore, what makes Night of Something Strange so special is two key factors, a really funny script that zips along and some seriously talented people both in front of and behind the camera. Praise to the crew and praise to the actors who went through … honestly, you wouldn’t believe me … I’ve seen it and I don’t believe me.

Suffice to say that the actors are all horror heroes for giving us such joyous madness. Wayne W. Johnson as Cornelius appears to have no shame, thankfully. Tarrence Taylor as Brooklyn is the ‘butt’ of an awesome joke.Michael Merchant goes above and beyond as the hapless Freddy. Give that guy a medal. Talking of funny, Night of Something Strange ends with Trey Harrison as Dirk delivering the funniest parting shot of any horror film I can recall. It is a priceless way to finish a great movie. Also, keep an eye out for a cameo from the delightful Brinke Stevens.

As this is Jonathan Straiton’s first movie I simply cannot wait to see what fresh madness he is planning to deliver. For now though, Night of Something Strange is the gorehound gift that keeps on giving.

10 out of 10

by DeeOmen

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Night of Something Strange (2015)


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