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Scream Horror Magazine Review

NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE: Film Review Posted on: July 15th, 2016 Synopsis: Teenage friends out for beach week get unexpectedly detoured to a isolated motel where a deadly STD virus now runs rampant, turning those infected into the living dead. When a film opens with a janitor – working the graveyard shift – entering a morgue and having his wicked way with one of the stiffs, you get the impression the film at hand isn’t going to be subtle. When the next scene depicts the same janitor – now a zombie with a STD – urinating on a stuffed animal before proceeding to rape his

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Love Horror UK

Love Horror UK A group of unwitting teens succumb to a deadly sexual virus which transforms it’s victims into the living dead in Jonathan Straiton’s Night of Something Strange. It’s the gross out, horror comedy of the year; expect every kind of bodily fluid imaginable in this unapologetic, wild ride, crowd pleaser of a movie. It all begins when Cornelius (Wayne W. Johnson) contracts a sexually transmitted disease from a corpse (necrophilia certainly seems to be a theme this year!). He is then transformed into a sex-crazed Zombie Beast, spreading his disease to a slew of unsuspecting

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“Night of Something Strange” takes home “The Copper Wing Award” for “Best Horror Film.”

"Night of Something Strange" wins "Best Horror Film" at the 2016 International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival, part of The Phoenix Film Festival.  

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Crimson Screen Film Festival May 14th 515pm in Charleston, SC.

Night of Something Strange Showing at the Crimson Screen Film Festival May 14th 515pm in Charleston, South Carolina. Get your tickets @

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The Movie Guys

The Movie Guys Jonathan Straiton’s Night of Something Strange is an apropos title for this outrageous horror film that appears to be out to offend everyone or just out to entertain the audiences that miss the bad ol’ days of John Waters, only with slightly better production values. Its opening night did not go well with more than half the audience walking out, and some women patrons cursing as they left the theater. But a combination of the word getting out, and the horror geeks arriving in droves the next day, delivered the audience that Straiton’s film needed. Night of Something St

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Apocalypse Later

Apocalypse Later It wasn’t surprising when Night of Something Strange won Best Horror Feature at the International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival because it was the one that had the buzz. The Cruel Tale of the Medicine Man was different and enjoyable but everyone was talking about this one instead, whether because they loved it, they hated it or they just couldn’t believe what they had just seen. I talked to quite a few people in each of those categories, but along with The Greasy Strangler, which wasn’t in competition, it was the film on everyone’s lips this year and it won

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Examiner “Night of Something Strange” – A group of teens – on their way to the beach for spring break – unwittingly bump into an STD virus which has the unexpected effect of turning people into zombies. Writer/director Jonathan Straiton unleashes completely sick material and splatters it on-screen in the most twisted, gory and sexual manners. Fortunately, the script also includes several tasteless comedic sequences which allow adolescent humor and vile visuals to swim together for 1 hour and 34 minutes. Straiton’s film feels like an utterly depraved grandson of “The Evil Dead

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The Blogging Banshee

The Blogging Banshee A group of teenagers get stranded in a creepy motel on their vacation. Little do they know, they are being followed by zombies. What’s worse is that this zombie virus is a STD, so you can imagine the interesting way that it spreads. One by one the teens turn into the living dead. Will any of them be able to avoid this horrific STD? While there have been films in the past that use the idea of an STD being the origin of a zombie virus, there are no other films that take it to the extreme that Night of Something Strange does. In all honesty, there are a few scenes in th

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  DeeOmen Night of Something Strange is a horror movie with balls! Balls so highly infected they glow in the dark. This is a horror film so wonderfully over the top that whatever nasty thing you can think of is probably in the first ten minutes of this epic of beautiful bad taste. If you go to the IMDB page for Night of Something Strange it has the following Plot Keywords: std, blood, tampon, gore, zombie. As descriptive as these words are of what you can expect, they missed one really important word: laugh-your-ass-off-funny. Let’s get the plot out of the way first. Teenagers.

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The Cinema Files

The Cinema Files Premiering April 8 at the Phoenix Film Festival, “Night of Something Strange” showed me things I’ve never seen before and made me feel things I hope I never feel again.  That being said, I absolutely loved the pure, unadulterated, unhinged insanity that director Jonathan Straiton spewed into this Grindhouse-style horror flick. The horror genre is a strange one indeed.  Its goal is to elicit reactions from the audience by showing us terrible, terrible things.  Even more fascinating is how we respond.  Depending on the director’s choice, a character’s bowe

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