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Wicked Channel

Wicked Channel Review-If “ Dead Alive” had a horny little brother, this is pretty much what you would expect. “ Night of Something Strange”, tells the story of a odd janitor named Cornelius. Cornelius during a late night shift decides to have sex with a dead corpse. Why? This film does not answer that question, but it does make one feel, well why the hell not. The corpse it seems has a STD. Not your normal one either. This one transforms the host into a horny zombie. Cornelius is out to make sure, that this disease spreads to any woman who is in his zip code. While this is going on wi

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Wicked Horror

Wicked Horror Claiming a movie is worth seeing for the gore alone might sound like a backhanded compliment, but in the case of Night Of Something Strange, well, you ain’t seen gore like this before – trust me. Kicking off with some good old-fashioned necrophilia (so hot right now), the flick breathlessly establishes its bizarre tone with nary a word of exposition in sight. This crazy, gutsy, bloody opener, loaded with bad-ass practical FX, offers just a hint of what’s to come, the carnage getting increasingly madder from there. The red stuff here is some of the thickest, gooiest, sti

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Gruesome Magazine

“Night of Something Strange” (GenreBlast 2016): Offensive In Every Way, Entertaining With Every Frame September 12, 2016  Doc Rotten Director Jonathan Straiton, along with co-writers Ron Bonk and Mean Gene, may have created the most distasteful, objectionable and vulgar horror film of the past decade. And, it is absolutely magnificent. The film is Night of Something Strange and it should not be missed. It will offend everyone in some shape or form. Count on it. But, Straiton has also infused the film with an enthusiastic sense of humor and contagious atmosphere of fun. The cast appear

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Dead Central

Dead Central Review When skeevy morgue janitor Cornelius (Johnson) decides to have his way with a corpse during a boring night shift, he ends up with the STD from hell – quickly transforming him into a sexed-up zombie looking to get his rocks off with (and spread the infection to) any woman he can get his hands on. At the same time, a bunch of stereotypical college students are on a road trip to Spring Break festivities. When one of them accidentally contracts the infection from a blood-soaked toilet seat left behind by Cornelius, the bodily fluids hit the fan as the gang stop for the ni

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The People’s Movies

"One of the most utterly unrepentant, irreverent, and terrifically entertaining horror films of the year!" 5 stars out of 5

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Horror Talk

Night of Something Strange Category: Movie Reviews Published: Friday, 26 August 2016 Written by Becky Roberts Night of Something Strange Movie Review Written by Becky Roberts Released by Duke Studios Directed by Jonathan Straiton Written by Jonathan Straiton and Ron Bonk 2016, 94 minutes, Not yet rated. Horror Channel Frightfest European premiere on 26th August 2016 Starring: Trey Harrison as Dirk Rebecca C. Kasek as Christine Wayne W. Johnson as Cornelius Michael Merchant as Freddy Toni Ann Gambale as Carrie Nicola Fiore as Pam Review: For most

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London Horror Society

6 FrightFest Discovery Screens Picks for 2016 Posted on August 3, 2016 by londonhorrorsociety There are some amazing titles at this year’s FrightFest. As is the case every year, some will stand out more than others, and generally the main screens get it right — you will see the big ‘ones to watch‘ there. However, it would be incredibly foolish to ignore what theFrightFest discovery screens have to offer. These smaller showings often hide some great titles too. In fact, I have found my discovery screen choices increasing year on year. I find they are a good way to watch movies yo

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Scream Horror Magazine Review

NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE: Film Review Posted on: July 15th, 2016 Synopsis: Teenage friends out for beach week get unexpectedly detoured to a isolated motel where a deadly STD virus now runs rampant, turning those infected into the living dead. When a film opens with a janitor – working the graveyard shift – entering a morgue and having his wicked way with one of the stiffs, you get the impression the film at hand isn’t going to be subtle. When the next scene depicts the same janitor – now a zombie with a STD – urinating on a stuffed animal before proceeding to rape his

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Love Horror UK

Love Horror UK A group of unwitting teens succumb to a deadly sexual virus which transforms it’s victims into the living dead in Jonathan Straiton’s Night of Something Strange. It’s the gross out, horror comedy of the year; expect every kind of bodily fluid imaginable in this unapologetic, wild ride, crowd pleaser of a movie. It all begins when Cornelius (Wayne W. Johnson) contracts a sexually transmitted disease from a corpse (necrophilia certainly seems to be a theme this year!). He is then transformed into a sex-crazed Zombie Beast, spreading his disease to a slew of unsuspecting

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The Movie Guys

The Movie Guys Jonathan Straiton’s Night of Something Strange is an apropos title for this outrageous horror film that appears to be out to offend everyone or just out to entertain the audiences that miss the bad ol’ days of John Waters, only with slightly better production values. Its opening night did not go well with more than half the audience walking out, and some women patrons cursing as they left the theater. But a combination of the word getting out, and the horror geeks arriving in droves the next day, delivered the audience that Straiton’s film needed. Night of Something St

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