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Fangoria Halloween Exclusive Release Details

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FANGORIA Dreadful Ten Must See of 2016!

FANGORIA Earlier this year, FANGORIA offered up ten of our top recommendations from the 2015 festival circuit to look out for in 2016. Fortunately, half of those fright films were either released or picked up for distribution and might just be available before the year is out. But in the months since, FANGORIA has been to festivals, conventions, and screenings around the world, and so, we’ve assembled a new batch of terror titles to hopefully look out for before 2017 is upon us! NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE (dir. Jonathan Straiton) Disgusting, transgressive, and absolutely bonkers, J

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NoSS Scores “Funnest Film” at FNTFF2016

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“Night of Something Strange” takes home “The Copper Wing Award” for “Best Horror Film.”

"Night of Something Strange" wins "Best Horror Film" at the 2016 International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival, part of The Phoenix Film Festival.  

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Crimson Screen Film Festival May 14th 515pm in Charleston, SC.

Night of Something Strange Showing at the Crimson Screen Film Festival May 14th 515pm in Charleston, South Carolina. Get your tickets @

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